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We thank you for your interest to take a short look at our site and to get to know our new wall konzept.

SpeedWall is the new multifunctional system.

Frames of Aluminium are put together quickly with assembly springs. Constructive elements stay in the background and the chosen surface will not be intermitted by columns.

The corner joint is built by a round or square column which can be continued to skeleton framing for ceiling and room.

After building up the basic construction the system installation of electrical equipment and telecommunications is possible.

Every 8 mm decorative plate simple cut to size (no further processing of the edge) can be used for designing the surface of the walls. Special hat- and z-profiles are used to fix the plates.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information and overall planning.

Since we are the developer and manufacturer we can also realize individual solutions.

On the side technical infos we would like to show you how SpeedWall basic elements constitute rooms.

• Have to work with a tight budge

• Need quick set-up times

• Do not want to use tools

• Want to use a flexible wall

• Want to use a simple plugging system
Speed at the EuroShop 2011